A Business Angel Club For
HealthTech Startups

KAPSLY Angels is a Swiss non-profit association.

We identify high-potential early-stage startups in the fields of digital health, medtech and diagnostics (HealthTech) and allow our members to invest in them – even with small amounts of money.

We encourage best-of-breed approaches to bring the startup quicker to success.

Why you should join us

We are a network of people that shape the future. Help HealthTech startups implementing their break-through technologies and take part in their story – and their success.

HealthTech, and only HealthTech

If you’re a pro in this topic or have an interest in it, we’re the right partner for you: We find and present the coolest HealthTech startups in the D-A-CH region.

Maximise success

We make sure that the company works with professional, specialized service providers to accelerate their development and increase their chances of success.

Diversification with a limited budget

The minimum investment in a startup is CHF >5’000, so you can make regular investments and build a diversified startup portfolio. We work with an organization that provides investment pooling services.

Simple processes

We work with partners that automate and digitize as many processes as possible. That means more time for looking into new cases and less time for doing administrative tasks related to your investments.

How does it work?

  • We identify interesting cases. Our jury board screens them and chooses the ones to present to you. You decide whether you want to invest.
  • In addition to the deal flow, we’ll provide networking and learning opportunities as well as insights into the industry and its developments.
  • We work with syndication – a mechanism that bundles small investments into a larger one. Syndication provides many benefits (see FAQ).
  • Should you decide to invest in a startup, it’s entirely up to you how active you are: Stay totally anonymous (with the help of our syndication partner) or take an active role in the development of the company.


DACH Region


Digital Health, Medical technology, Diagnostics


Pre-seed to Series A


Product development, Quality management, Regulatory affairs and Commercial services …

Ticket size per investor:

> CHF 5´000

Investment target per startup:

> CHF 50´000

The legal stuff

  • KAPSLY Angels is a non-profit association with the purpose of helping HealthTech investors identify interesting startup projects – and help relevant startups to find funding. Any investment decision is entirely between the investor and the startup.
  • Membership cost is CHF 100 for 2023. Since this only covers administrative fees, some events that we organize might come with additional cost – however, we’ll try to negotiate the best deal possible for our members.
  • KAPSLY Angels is an association founded on February 28th in Zürich, Switzerland. The founding board members are Vincent Irrling, Maximilian Diem, and Jan Fülscher.

Advisory Board

Armin Haas

Armin Haas

Armin Haas is a successful entrepreneur and distinguished expert for digital health. He helped many startups to successfully build and launch their solutions in the German-speaking market.

Daniel Heller

Dr. Daniel Heller

Dr. Daniel Heller is Partner at Farner Consulting, where he heads the Head Startup Desk; as Chairman of the Board he presides over, among others, the Kantonsspital Baden, which stands out with its Health Innovation Hub and its perfomance as an economically successful public hospital.

Prof. Dr. Boris Hofmann

Prof. Dr. Boris Hofmann

Prof. Dr. Boris Hofmann is an experienced senior executive, board member and VC advisor. He shaped and led many innovation and startup initiatives at B. Braun and holds a professorship for new medical technologies at the University of Tübingen.

Dr. Shari Langemak

Dr. med. Shari Langemak

Dr. med. Shari Langemak is an experienced startup founder and digital health innovator. Having served as a senior executive in startups, clinic management, med tech and media in- & outside the DACH region, Shari brings extensive and versatile knowledge on the healthcare system.

Sebastian Reinecke

Sebastian Reinecke

Sebastian Reinecke held various senior executive positions in banking and manufacturing. He is a strategy, finance and operations expert with an MBA from the University of St. Gallen.

Esther Seidl-Nussbaumer

Esther Seidl-Nussbaumer

Esther Seidl-Nussbaumer is an experienced health care senior executive, scale up coach and digital health innovator. She supports corporates, start ups and universities with her expertise in strategy, innovation and corporate venturing.

Daniel Shoukier

Daniel Shoukier

Daniel Shoukier is a medical doctor and engineer by training and brings many years of experience in the development of medical devices. He possesses extensive experience as lead auditor and medical expert for MDR and FDA regulations and acts as medical advisor for startups.

Dr. Ole Wiesinger

Dr. Ole Wiesinger

Dr. Ole Wiesinger is Chairman of the Board of Tertianum and Board Member of multiple healthcare providers and startups. He is a trained medical doctor and has been long-time CEO of the largest Swiss private hospital group Hirslanden.


Ixar Legal

IXAR Legal

Provides the legal framework for our investment club and acts as legal counsel for KAPSLY Ventures.

Jan Fülscher

Jan Fülscher

Established Business Angels Switzerland and SICTIC as the leading business angel clubs in Switzerland. He helps Business Angels and Founders to understand the fundraising landscape.

Kapsly Ventures logo

KAPSLY Ventures

Provides the service partner network that supports healthtech founders operationally.

logo of university of zürich

Prof. Ulrich Kaiser

Provides endorsement and cooperates with the founding team through the Chair of Entrepreneurship.

Logo of Service partner Leva


Provides the technology and templates to create compliant and simple syndicates.

digital health center bülach

Digital Health Center Bülach

Provides the location for networking events for the community.

Universität Bern

Prof. Artur Baldauf

Provides endorsement and cooperates with the board members through the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship

Be part of it

  • If you want to invest in Healthtech startups and be presented interesting startups – get in touch.
  • If you’re a Healthtech pro or have a deep interest in the industry, and want to support our association, get in touch. 

We’re just starting and building the association’s infrastructure. We need jury members, supporters, startup coaches, and, of course, investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

A syndicate is a group of investors who have a common interest and act as one partnership to invest in a e.g. startup.
Hence, a syndicate acts as one investor.

The money goes directly to the startup that you selected to invest in. A more detailed allocation of the money will be provided by the startups, respectively.

We are looking for experienced entrepreneurs and business angels who can provide additional value to our startups, especially in the healthtech sector. In general the syndicate is open to anyone who wants to invest in healthtech startups. Simply join our investment newsletter and receive selected deals to your inbox for free.

The yearly membership fee to join the KAPSLY Angels Community is CHF 100.-. 

With the syndicate you get access to our venture studio community and receive a deal flow without scouting for startups yourself. The non-profit association KAPSLY Angels takes care of negotiating term deals and performing due diligence, and setting up the contracts. Additionally, the capital efficiency is higher due to our service partners that have supported startups many times.

The minimum investment amount per deal is CHF 5’000 and the deal only gets completed if over CHF 50´000 are invested.

Yes, your name will not be shared with other investors or the startup automatically.
Your name will not appear on the cap table of the startup either. However, we encourage our investors to get in touch with the founders.

Yes, it is possible to transfer your stake to another investor in a secondary transaction. The deal manager must be informed and needs to approve the transaction.

For every deal a new simple partnership is formed through a legal contract amongst the syndicate investors.
For more information please contact KAPSLY Angels.

After clicking on “join us” and having completed the form, you receive deals straight to your inbox.
You make your own investment decisions on a deal by deal basis, usually within two weeks after receiving the investment memo.
You can find additional details regarding platform and usage in the application form.

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